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Easter surfcamp Adults

Easter Surfcamp


Schedule: From 9am until 2pm.

Dates: From the 18th to 23th of april

What will we do during the course?

Students will learn all the necessary for safe surf practice, as well as basic maneuvers (video- corrections), priorities, currents / tides and understanding of meteo charts. In case of not having to drive to another beach we will do 1 hour yoga and video – corrections.

Surf Levels


Our Instructors will guide you on your first steps of surfing, you’ll learn how to surf safely and you will enjoy from the first moment. We will start stretching, learning safety in the water, take off techniques, gliding, and warming up. The groups are reduced and divided in different levels and ages. The maximum number of students is 8 for 1 Instructor.


If you have some surf experience we will go to the green waves outside the sandbanks, you’ll learn about currents, rips and exit channels, we will improve in paddling technique, board- body position and our Instructors will be constantly doing a feed back with the student. We will also practice maneuvers: Cut back, cross step ( for long boarders ), flow and frontside and backside basic maneuvers.

2 days
3 days
4 days
5 days