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Extra curricular activities


During surf lessons, children will learn the basic rules, safety, equipment, paddling technique, take off, emergency signals, wave reading, timing, priorities, currents, wave selection and basic and more complex surfing maneuvers ( advanced levels ).

Students will learn from the beginner level and basic tricks, to perfecting your technique in more complex tricks. For this we have teachers with extensive experience in the professional field of skateboarding and surfing.

Objectives: To transmit the passion for the sport. Working balance, coordination and companionship.

Our goal is that children enjoy outdoor activities, we will combine surfing and skateboarding, the days that there are waves we will enter the water and the days that there are not waves we will train with the Carver skate, these emulate the movements of surfing and is the perfect sport to learn maneuvers and flow.

  • Age-specific training.
  • Warm up and stretching.
  • Surf initiation.
  • Skate surfing.
  • Meteorology adapted for children.

Whats included?

  • Instructor : 1 instructor / 8 students.
  • Equipment : surfboards, skateboards, wetsuits.
  • Insurance


  • Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • To choose fixed days 1 or 2 days.
  • From 17:30 to 19:00

What to bring to the course?

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Snack
  • Water
  • Booties or neoprene socks
  • Helmet and protections


Once the reservation is confirmed, it is necessary to fill in the following form.

Extra curricular activities