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Surf equipment Rental in Mallorca

Surf Rental in Mallorca

Mallorca is the ideal place to surf, the best months for surfing are from September until May, although in summer we also get small and fun swells mostly in the north part of the island.

In Mallorca there are many surf spots for all levels, rock reef and beach breaks Surfing has become very popular in Majorca in recent years, so it’s not uncommon to see surf spots with 30 people in the water. When stormy days and waves get bigger you can find Sup , longboard, windsurf, kite and short board at the same time in the water.

Beginners - Foam Soft Boards

1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 1 day

Includes: Leash / leg rope – Wetsuit not included.

Advanced - Surf longboard / Fibre glass

Longboard Boards: 9.2´- Short boards: 6.3´, 6.6´, 6.0´( fish ) – 7.6 ( minimal ).

1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours 1 day

Includes: Leash / leg rope – Wetsuit not included.

Wetsuit - Full wetsuit 4/3 mm

1 Hour 2 Hours 3 Hours 4 Hours 1 Day

Membership Rental - Multi Water Sports

With your membership card you can rent : Stand UP Paddle , Surf boards or kayak .

  • Surf Board Soft – 1 checkbox – 1 hour
  • Surf board fiber – 2 checkbox – 1 hour
  • Individual Kayak – 1 checkbox – 1 hour
  • Double kayak – 2 checkbox – 1 hour
Individual membership Family membership
10 hours
5 hours
10 hours


  • Respect the right of way.
  • Don ́t drop in.
  • Don’t Ditch Your Board.
  • Don’t Snake.
  • When paddling back out, do NOT paddle in front of someone riding a wave unless you’re well, well in front of him. You must paddle behind those who are up and riding and take the whitewater hit or duckdive.
  • Beginners: don’t paddle out to the middle of a packed lineup. Know your limits and do not access to point breaks that are not for your level or physical condition. It is better to look for smaller waves or different spot.
  • Respect other surfers even if they are beginners and help others if they are in danger .
  • RESPECT THE ENVIRONMENT: Please do not leave trash on the beach and if you can pick up 1 or 2 pieces of trash, all counts !!


  • Where can I checkt the waves forecasts ? Theres no tides in Mallorca , so we follow the storms and wind. The most used apps are: wisuki, Todosurf or surfmediterraneo.

  • Check the live cams in Mallorca , the best app is Livecam pro.

  • During the summer season most of the beaches (not all of them) are marked and you can only surf within the access channels for boats.

  • If you have an emergency or someone needs help, the emergency number is 112.


  • If you follow the surfing rules and respect others, you will not have any problems in Mallorca.